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                              Legend Cruisers Car Club Membership Application

Membership in the Legend Cruisers Car Club shall be comprised of individuals
dedicated to the preservation and common love for automobiles. Formed in
November 2011, the Club exists to create good fellowship, car safety, skill and
sportsmanship. We want our members to participate in automobile related
activities to include cruises, picnics, shows, and rod runs. We encourage support
of other car clubs’ events.

Members must own a 20 year old American made automobile. Members must
have a valid Tennessee Drivers License, a person of good character, fellowship,
and sportsmanship. Members must be willing to participate in club activities and
business meetings. Any member, who regularly commits unsafe driving acts or
whose personal conduct is otherwise detrimental to the purposes and reputation
of the Club, may be suspended or expelled from membership in the Club. No
alcohol is allowed at any of our events. All new members must submit an
application for membership to the Club Treasurer and pay the appropriate
membership fee of $25. (see below). It would be great if the applicant could
make a regular business meeting before submitting application to meet

Application process
Please complete the application, attached, and present it to anyone you know to
be a member or present the application at a regular business meeting. Our
business meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at the Country and
Western Steak House, in Camden, at 6pm. For additional information please
feel free to contact any officer of the club.

A complete copy of the Club by-laws is available at your request. Annual
memership is $25.00. Applicants applying after July 1st will pay dues of $15.00
for the remainder of that year.

Legend Cruisers Car Club Membership Application



Spouse or Significant Other’s Name:


City: _______________________________________ State: _______ ZIP:________ ___

Home Phone: ___________________________

Work Phone:___________________________

Cell Phone: ___________________

E-mail Address: __________________________________

Date of Birth_____________________________

Vehicle(s): (must be American – made and at least 20 years old)