Legend Cruisers Autos

Bill R. 2001 Mustang Bullitt
Roger H. 1955 Chevy
Vince R. 1931 Chevy cluster
Vince R. 1931 Chevy
John & Mary’s B.1964 Plymouth Fury
David P. 1972 Buick Skylark
David P. 1987 Buick Regal Turbo T
David P. 1980 Jeep Cherokee
Vince R. Home made chassis 1966 Jeep
Vince R. 1975 Vette
Rick L. 1966 Mustang
Laura L. 1965 Mustang

Bill R. 1977 Vette and Skinny
Jan L. 1987 Monte Carlo SS Aero-Coupe
Bill R. 1966 Ford Fairlane
Vince R.
Nancy R. Vette
Cruise-In Pic
Ira R. 1955 Chevy
Vince R. 1949 Ford
Carmen S. 1960 T-Bird Interior
Carmen S. 1960 T-Bird
Gary J. 1961 Vette
Jean H. 1979 MG Midget
MG Midget, inside door panel

Hensley’s Classic Cars: 1955 Chevy Truck, 1956 and 57 Chevy


Lindsey H. 1967 Camaro
Lindsey H. 1967 Camaro under the hood
Lindsey H. won this 350 Chevy
Lindsey H. Senior Prom 2014
Lindsey H. Camaro bike


Ricky H. 1955 Chevy

Look’s like Vince in old 29 “T” Bucket
Mike S.
Mike S
Mike S